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"Bread and Circuses, one of the top music consulting firms in the USA."


Photo: Bread and Circuses, SXSW closing party at Spider House

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Bread and Circuses Inc. is comprised of music industry veterans and professionals that have united as a result of the music businesses' current, challenging and rapidly changing environment.


This in addition to the apparent necessity and our cause to share independent, 'new music' with the world over.


We are award winning sound engineers, producers, seasoned booking agents, publicists / press agents, radio pluggers, esteemed video promoters, road tested tour managers, merchandisers, musicians, creative filmmakers, graphic designers, diligent street team organizers and more...If you can think it, we can build it.


Given the current state of the industry, the need for an artist to have a complete and competent team is perhaps greater now than any other period in history.

In todays current climate an artist needs to operate like a small business and any successful business employs a strong, communicative and results oriented team.

Bread and Circuses Inc. is the artists' innovative team of today and the future.




Bread and Circuses discovers and represents emerging and veteran independent artists that wish to flourish and grow in a sustainable and affordable manner.


Bread and Circuses offers a unique opportunity for artists to utilize a 'one-stop-shop' for their music industry needs. Our 'one-stop-shop' features an ever-expanding and vast suite of services, therefore, eliminating the tedious process, time, and typical high costs associated with an artist hiring, building, and or training a support team; with or without a record labels support.

Our services include but are not limited to: ​

  • Management & consulting 

  • Public relations

  •  Tour booking (licensed and bonded) 

  • Video promotion

  • Radio promotion

  • Social media promotion

  • Copywriting / web presence

  • Distribution


and more


Bread and Circuses breaks the mold of traditional label support and empowers artists to wholeheartedly take charge of their careers.


With over half of the world's releases coming from independent artists, it's time for a new model...


...and Bread and Circuses is leading the charge.

"Bread and Circuses, one of the top music consulting firms in the USA"


Our first step was to identify, understand and effectively overcome the inherent challenges the independent artist faces well as answer some unanswered questions.


  • How do I get better gigs and attendance?

  • How do I attract a reliable booking and press agent?

  •  How do I land a distribution or record deal, or get more out of my current label?

  • How do I grow beyond where I'm at right now? Etc etc...


We've answered these questions by providing something different than the traditional record deal, or dated DIY effort.


As an independent artist with or without a label, the artist often must pay exorbitant amounts of money to hire a  complete team or do nearly everything themselves.This is simply not sustainable. 


Instead, Bread and Circuses' deploys a 'one stop shop', campaign based approach allowing our artists' to enjoy a competent and seasoned team, for a fraction of the typical investment.


Also, our 'one stop shop' approach vastly improves team communication and accountability over the typical practice of hiring multiple entities.


The aforementioned, coupled with field tested and proprietary strategies is how Bread and Circuse's clients are able to blaze a sustainable path.






Bread and Circuses has a vast array of alliances, vendors, and clients. Here is a short list that highlights some of our working relationships.


  • Hip Video Promo HIP is the international leader in music video promotion with 16 years experience, working with over 2300 artists including contemporary and classic bands such as Red Fang, Of Montreal, The Lumineers, Valiant Thorr and The Pixies

  • Inner City Merchandising (Chris Borger, former Merch. Mgr. of The Ramones)

  • The DIY Team  Digital music & video distributor.

  • Mastered By Kramer  ("a sonic genius" - NME Magazine. Credits include Jacuzzi Boys, Beach Day, Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers, Daniel Johnston + +)

  • SXSW (6 showcase stages for SXSW 2016 w/ notable acts such as Har Mar Superstar, Sylvain Sylvain & FEA of Blackheart Records)

  • CMJ / Mondo NYC (producing official showcases since 2010)

  • Davey Jay PA  (Entertainment law / licensing)

  • Shaw Promotion  (Award-winning events marketer whose clients include Anti Records, VICE, Nike, Live Nation, Pabst Blue Ribbon, DFA Records + +)

  • American Federation of Musicians (National musicians union)


   ...and many more 


Feel free to reach out to us  here or on our 'CONTACT' page for more details

Our work


Bread and Circuses Inc. was dissolved on June 26th, 2018: 


Bread and Circuses founder Michael D. Kniseley hails from Youngstown Ohio, a town little known for entertainment.


Youngstown is part of The Rust Belt, an area once known for its steel producing factories. It's also known for its hard winters, hard workers and hard times as a result of its many factories closing in the 1970s. However, this region has also produced some of the world's most renowned and innovative talent in the entertainment industry such as the Warner brothers, Iggy Pop, Devo, The Black Keys, the Dead Boys, The Cramps and countless others.


After the steel mills closed, Michael's hometown had drastically changed, and by the time he graduated high school in the late 80s, there were no real prospects for work. So, Michael left The Rust Belt for good seeking a new life. He began his new life attending college in SW Florida and eventually his work would take him to London England, far from the decaying wasteland where the bustling factories once stood.


Michael’s career officially began in 1994 at a Beasley Broadcasting radio station, while working on a college internship that would change his life for good. During this time Michael helped to lead an intern research team in surveying the general public to verify the feasibility of reformatting an FM radio station. The intended reformatting was from classic rock to what was then called alternative music. Alternative music was the equivalent to the music that you hear on college radio today, and Michael firmly believed that the people needed to hear new and fresh music. His perseverance paid off, as after many hours and months of research the station agreed to reformat. And as a result of this successful reformatting, the station's ad revenue more than doubled, thus marking the beginning of a long successful career for Michael.


But this was only the very beginning, before Bread and Circuses Michael spent years working for other companies, burning the midnight oil while conducting promotional work, PR campaigns, media buying & placement, working closely with former Virgin Records A&R staffers and logging many miles of international travel while working for other companies. Despite Michael's success he yearned for artistic fulfillment and formed Room Full of Strangers, an endeavor, and band that eventually would take precedence over Michael's corporate life. It was shortly after the Strangers began performing in 2008 that Michael formed Bread and Circuses, which was initially a publishing company for the band and clearinghouse for other business development contracts, followed by Michael later moving into events marketing and festival organizing. In the very beginning Bread and Circuses only consisted of volunteers and began by hosting music and art events. These mini-festivals and parties were part of a plan to pique the interest of local music venue owners and move the band directly to headlining well-attended shows. The strategy worked as the parties became part of local lore and legend, as well as being a key reason why the band began headlining stages throughout the region. Then in early 2012 Bread and Circuses opened an A&R and development office for clients on behalf of a world-class audiophile recording studio. The Bread and Circuses A&R department satisfied a need for independent artists that wanted to have a professional yet affordable recording experience and most importantly work with a staff that was capable of understanding and capturing the artistic vision of it's recording clients. It wasn't long after the sign was hung on the office window that Michael and his staff began addressing the fact that many artists needed representation after their record was finished, or more to the point, long before it was recorded. In the beginning, what was once advice, became a service and from here Bread and Circuses dovetailed organically into hosting the myriad of services that it provides today. PR, copy-writing, rehearsal space / back-line rental, professional studio services, and distribution through The Orchard, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SONY, as well as working with a slew of Grammy award-winning professionals and agencies. Needless to say, the Bread and Circuses A&R department was a huge success, making for many satisfied artists, tripling the studio's revenue inside of three years, and ultimately evolving into a one-stop-shop for artists. 


The origin of the Bread and Circuses name comes from a phrase which was used in ancient Rome to describe the people's disdain for their government; which at the time had resorted to providing games of sport and free wheat during the fall of the Roman Empire. This was to appease the masses. Michael, always the consummate visionary looked closely at the entertainment and recording industry, and it's similarities in comparison to the fall of Rome. The comparisons were to be found in the waste and vacillation with the major labels and the apathy, lack of funding, and saturation of some indie labels. Another similarity was all the deceptions that the music industry is known for. With that Michael decided on the name Bread and Circuses Inc. However, Michael's concept of Bread and Circuses is contrary to the name's origin. Michael's Bread and Circuses would go on to shine a light on the ruse that the music business had become known for and did so by sharing the knowledge, experience, and contacts Michael had obtained over the years. Michael's Bread and Circuses would educate, empower, and ultimately enhance the careers of other artists and became an alternative to the norm. Now, with an in-house team and strategic partners, Bread and Circuses brings concise direction to its clients and prides itself most on working with the independent artist (the people) by providing the professional representation that you would expect from a major firm, sans the bureaucracy while maintaining the personable boutique feel of an independent firm. Bread and Circuses possess the facility of a label for their artists, however, through non-exclusive representation, their artists maintain 100% creative control and publishing rights. Through professional representation and being a complete 'one-stop-shop,' team Bread and Circuses has become an equalizing force for independent artists.


Besides being heavily involved with Bread and Circuses, Michael still maintains 50 to 100+ dates a year on the road between the U.S. and Europe with his band Room Full of Strangers and is still bringing new music to the people today.


668 North Orlando Avenue Suite 1009A

Maitland FL 32751

Office: (407) 531- 8208

Toll free: (844) 383-8990

Fax: (321) 400-1113



Mon - Fri: 10am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 10am - 2pm

​Sunday: CLOSED (by meeting only)

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